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Streamline and simplify the running of your retreats, so you can focus on delivering programs that positively impact lives.

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Seamlessly Integrate All of Your Retreat Operations

Save precious time with our fully integrated and unified platform

  • Retreat Management System
  • Rentals
  • Payment processing
  • Marketplace
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Trusted By Leading Retreat Centers


Why the World's Top Retreat Centers Are Powered by Retreat Guru


Quickly list & manage retreats, rentals and programs.

Set up your programs in minutes, then integrate seamlessly across your operations to save time and money with an all-in-one system.

  • Manage online and on-site programs effortlessly, plus bookings, room inventory, payments and reporting.
  • Includes real-time bookable room inventory—even for shared rooms!
  • Manage rental groups, multi-person registrations and block rooms for retreats.

Fill your retreats & increase revenue.

Create a seamless experience for participants to book. Enable upsells and add-ons to increase revenue. Reach new audiences with our marketing features. 

  • Offer early bird pricing and discounts
  • “Abandon registration” follow-up increases bookings
  • Auto-send emails to participants at key touch points—registration, pre-program, payment, and post retreat
  • Multiple languages

Room management tailored specifically for retreats.

As a retreat leader, you face unique challenges and have unique needs. Retreat Guru is designed specifically for you, with:

  • Flexible room booking. Easily enable customers to book different room types with seasonal pricing
  • No overbooking! Automatically turns off room access when fully booked
  • Color-coded room map. View all bookings, arrivals, and departures at a glance
  • Flexible room management. Choose to sell a room as a single, double, or triple

Measure & optimize performance & manage finances.

Powerful financial reporting tools that help you gain actionable insights to grow your center. 

  • Financial dashboard lets you see charges, payments, refunds and guest balances, all in one place
  • Automatically send or print guest statements and allow them to pay their balance online
  • Easily add on-site charges during your retreat
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#1 Technology Platform for Retreat Centers

Retreat Guru’s platform has all the capabilities you need to effectively manage and grow your retreat center. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together!

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Retreat Management System

Fully integrated and unified management solution built for retreat centers

  • Manage room inventory, registrations, program management, finance, sales and marketing and more — all in one place!
  • Spend less time, digging around in spreadsheets and more time running your retreats
  • Boost productivity, with a platform your team will love to use!
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Now you can easily rent your space to other retreat leaders to conduct their retreat or workshops at your center

  • Accept inquiries, create quotes, manage room inventory, and register participants for group rentals and other events

  • Generate Banquet Event Orders (BEOs) to share program and event details with your team, organized by functional area — registration, operations, front desk, housekeeping, kitchen, accounting, audiovisual, and more

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Mat Circle

Payment Processing

Get paid! Process credit cards online and onsite through our safe and secure payment providers

  • Flexibility to manage deposits, full payments, discounts and more

  • Reports that make it easy to track payments, refunds and cancellations, and easily connect payments to guests

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Ladies Marketplace


Attract new participants from our community of motivated retreat goers

  • Expand your reach with over 1 million site visitors per year!

  • Boost your marketing results with smart search, campaigns and pro support to create high-performing listings

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“I have been using this software now for over seven years and it’s a game changer. It streamlines everything — giving you so much time to focus on other areas of your business. Best investment I’ve ever made!”

Lulu Agan, SwellWomen

“With this software, it is simpler to run reception now. Retreat Guru is making us more efficient and our administration easier.”

Swami Shivabhaktananda, Sivananda Canada

“Awesome system, no more worries! Aside from the great software, I’m really impressed with the team and customer service. Whenever I encounter a hiccup or have a question, the Retreat Guru team is available within a short period of time, and always happy to help.”

Henrik S.

Booking Software For Your Retreat Center



on bookings
(min $110/mo)

Up to $220,000/yr

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on bookings
(min $220/mo)

All Pro-Features
Up to $550,000/yr

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on bookings
(min $440/mo)

All Pro-Features
Up to $1.2M/yr

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Prices include 20% savings on booking fees when using Retreat Guru Payments.

Credit card rates: 3.1% for USA & Canada.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do leading centers choose Retreat Guru?


Over 300 retreat centers run on Retreat Guru because it’s the only technology platform customized specifically for retreat leaders like you. Our clients — both small and mid-size centers as well as some of the top centers around the world — rely on Retreat Guru’s Retreat Management System (RMS). You can use RMS to manage bookings (rooms and rentals), build relationships with your participants (automate guest messaging, ratings and reviews), simplify finances (payments and reporting), and organize all your operations, so you can focus on what you do best — delivering programs that impact lives. It’s the only all-in-one solution built for retreat centers.


Is Retreat Guru like a CRM or Property Management System (PMS)?


Retreat Guru’s Retreat Management System is tailored exclusively for the specific needs of retreat centers. At its core, the platform helps you manage all aspects of retreat programs and registrations. It covers program and registration management, guest communications, financial reporting, room inventory management, housekeeping, kitchen and meal reports. It’s a holistic tool that handles all retreat functions. It’s like a CRM in that it’s an organized and shared workspace for your team, but the key difference is that it’s completely designed for the unique functions of managing retreats.


How does Retreat Guru interact with my website?


The Retreat Guru Retreat Management System (RMS) seamlessly integrates with any kind of website and content management system. You can create beautiful program catalogues with feature images and stylizing that maintains the look and feel of your brand and website. Guests won’t need a login or have to jump through hoops in a separate widget.


Does Retreat Guru have a room calendar?


The Retreat Guru platform lets you sell retreat programs with accurate up-to-date room inventory, so you never have to worry about overbooking! You can create programs with fixed days, flexible dates or packages, all sharing real-time room availability. You can also set room-blocks. Run house-keeping reports, and at a glance easily see who is staying where.


How does Retreat Guru handle deposits?


Retreat Guru’s platform provides you with incredible flexibility. It lets you set your own deposits as either a percentage or a dollar value. You can then send guests automated pre-arrival emails with their own guest statement and payment links. In a few simple clicks you can see who owes you money, and charge the balance due. You can even schedule transactions on a participant’s card for a later date.

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